02 February 2007

What's going on around here?

Yesterday morning my Dad took me and Teka for walkies in the morning! I worried that Muzzer was sick. I worried that me and Teka would have to play nursemaid like my pal Wally did earlier this week. I don't like nursing humans. They are so undignified!

But when we got back to the house, Muzzer was OK. She was in the shower, so Teka and me, we went and watched. It is fun to watch the humans shower. Muzzer and Dad have totally different approaches to this human ritual. Someday I will write a blog about it.

We had breakfast munchies, and the Dad went into the big closet place and pulled out "his" suitcase! OH BOY! at trip. I went and got my favorite bone and dropped it in. Dad said, "No gussie, you can't go this time." And he took out my favorite bone. He put really nice clothes in the suitcase. He put in his blue jacket with the shiny buttons. He put in his favorite sweater with the big squares on the front. He put in his George and Bob tie! He put in clean underwear. He put in his sleeping shorts with the springer spaniels on them (note to self: get him new ones with terriers.) He took out my favorite bone. He put in his toothbrushing stuff and his hairbrushing stuff. He put in a BIG pair of Dad shoes. He took out my favorite bone. By this time, I sort of figured that I wasn't going to go on this trip.

My only consolation was that Muzzer didn't seem to be getting ready to go on this trip either. No suitcase, no clothes, no hairbrushing stuff.

Noni came, and Muzzer and Dad left. But they still only had ONE suitcase, and muzzer can't go hardly anywhere with ONE suitcase. So I knew muzzer would be back. And Teka and I helped Noni clean.

Today I went to work with Muzzer and we left Teka toy here. But Dad is still not back.

I only remember one other time when Dad went away and left me and Muzzer. That was right after I came to live with them, and it was the first time we all stayed in a hotel together. And the first time I had Room Service!

Ohh....maybe we will go to a hotel tomorrow! Maybe I will have Room Service again!

More later



Joe Stains said...

where in the heck did your dad go that he couldn't take you!?!?!! The doofus watches mom in the shower, he even gets his face all wet doing it. what a doofus.

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

I don't like suitcases.

I just don't.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin (who needs to lose 5 kilos, pah!) xo