07 August 2007

New Product Report (2)

OK, pals. I know that when Nooka and Pooka do this the products are uniformly good for us and fun to play with. So, I, Gus Dagger WFT will take a slightly different approach.

First Product: St. Louis today was very hot. Muzzer said "Gussie, we will try your present from E.Rabbit and see what you think of it. Then we will have an interesting blog for tonight." Yeah, whatever.

E.Rabbit got me this KoolOff Pet Bandana in New Orleans. It has Tabasco sauce labels and peppers on a white ground, with red piping. My size in this is a Medium. I have worn it before, but not "activated" it so to speak. So this morning, we read the instructions after we got home from our morning Walkies, and put the bandana to soak in a yellow bowl of water. note: the instructions do not specify a yellow bowl. That is all we have here.
Once it had soaked for 20 minutes, muzzer put it in the freezer. Then we took our shower (muzzer showered, I watched) and when we were just about ready to go visit Aunt Re, we took the bandana out of the freezer and put it on my neck.

Woowee! It was pretty chilly. It kept me cool until the car air conditioner started working, and when we got to Friendship Village, a lot of my friends there thought it was a good idea.

I think it is a good product for summer days, and will continue to use it in Azrizona. The instructions say that it can also be warmed in a microwave, and right now, I can't imagine using it that way. Muzzer says, however, that she may try it that way next time she gets a bad sinus headache. I don't know how a warm bandana on my neck will help her sinuses, but....we will report if it is an efficacious use of the product.

I recommend this to my doggy friends who are feeling the heat this summer. I might like to buy an extra extra large one and sleep on it sometimes. I did not find the fat roll of activated kooling crystals uncomfortable, but smaller dogs might find it cumbersome and heavy. They could then take it off and sleep on it.

AHEM....Nooka and Pooka's mom should not read any farther. I do not want my muzzer picked up by the ASPCA and carted off to bad doggy muzzer jail. At least, not until dad gets back from Poland.

So, this being a hot day and all, Muzzer asked what I wanted for dinner. And of course, my answer was "ICE CREAM!!!!" But muzzer thought we should have something good for us, and something that we don't usually get when dad is in town. So I thought we were going to end up with some strange Japanese noodles like last night. But no.....we hopped into the Gussie Mobile, fired up the AC, turned on NPR and cruised on down to the local

WHITE CASTLE! Muzzer, whatever happened to eating something good for us? Wouldn't ice cream have been better?

Muzzer said "Gussie, you owe this to your public. You must compare the burgers from White Castle with your favorite Steak n Shake original double and report your findings."

She also reminded me that a number of my loyal readers had recommended White Castle in our most recent poll.

By this time, I was convinced. Plus, that bag smelled soooo good I almost made us have an accident on the way home. I was trying to get to it and the brake pedal got in my way. Boy. I thought I wasn't going to get ANYTHING for dinner, she was really P O'd.

We did make it home safely, no thanks to yours truly. Can you see the interesting pattern the grease has made on the bag? Hmmm.

We had ordered a single, a double and an order of fries. Oh yea, and muzzer's drink of choice, a large caffeinated carbonated dark brown beverage.

This is what our dinner looked like. One nice thing about these burgers, we did not have to say, hold the mustard, ketchup and special sauce. There isn't any. They come equipped with pickles and purported onionables, though that is questionable. They are square. They are relatively small. The do not require much chewing action at all.

But, I found them yummy. I still prefer Steak n Shake, because the burgers there seem to be made of a real meat product. But I would say that these will do in a pinch. The fries were good, they are crinkly, not skinny and they stayed warm longer than the skinny Steak n Shake ones. I thought the box thingy's were pretty cute. I managed to steal one and discovered that they taste a lot like the burgers. Hm.. more observation and testing are required here.

Anyway, I don't drool quite the way Nanook does. But I give both of these products a pretty high Gussie rating. See. Don't I look like a pretty happy puppy here.

Muzzer says to enjoy it while I can....Cause dad gets back on Thursday, and there won't be any more White Castle when he gets here. However, there also won't be any more Japanese noodle things, so I think I can handle that.

Reporting from St. Louis, Missouri
Gus Dagger
Roving Reporter.


E. Rabbit said...

I'm glad your bandana worked, Gus!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those White Castle burgers look sooooooo yummy! I wish we had them here.

But don't eat any ONIONS! Onions are toxic to doggies!! Be careful!


Dog Lover

Joe Stains said...

that bandana thing looks pretty awesome! I actually get chilly in the winter as I am getting older so it might be kind of nice for me to have.

My Dad LOVES white castle burgers!

Duke said...

Great idea about the bandana! This would be the summer for it! It's so hot!
Mitch and I are still waiting for our McDonald's hamburger! Mom keeps saying "next time"! Yea, right!

Love ya lots,

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

I've seen similar bandana thingys over here in the UK but it rarely gets hot enough for me to need one! I have got a bed with pockets in it for cooling stuff to go into which I sometimes take to the park. Usually J1 ends up hogging it though! All this talk of burgers is making me hungry! Why don't I ever get burgers? J X

Jake of Florida said...


Those bandanananas are new to me --but Mom loves hot sauce so she was intrigued as much for the Tabasco image as for the function.

Then, those White Castles: they're a ritual for Mom and Dad when they go to St. Louis every Christmas. So they were both drooling at the sight.

The onions are very tiny and steamed -- and they can be removed. I know we're not allowed any because they are toxic, but I wonder if those in the White Castles can be considered real.

Japanese noodles sound yummy too.


LANCELOT said...

I recognize that bag! My mommy and daddy love White Castle, but lots of humans think it's gross. In Ohio, we have lots and lots of those Castles. I still haven't convinced them to let me try any of those lil burgers. I think they're afraid it'd give me the runs or somethin' - they're so silly.

Well, I just wanted to stop by to tell ya I'm feeling much better! And to thank you for all the good advice - me and mommy will keep that pumpkin stuff in mind next time I get the runs.

Your pal,

Asta said...

Thanks for the offwer of a wefuge fwom nasty Bobo..but my MOmmi would die of sadness if I go away she said.
That bandana is so gweat loooking..I hope it made you super comfowtable in the heat. ItS disgustingly hot and muggy here..I can't wait for October
smoochie kisses

Eddie N Peaches said...

Hmmm. White Castle, Stake N Shake? I think we're missing out on something here! Gotta go talk to Momma.
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Agatha and Archie said...

Gussie,We had something similar to your cooling bandana and something funky happened to them and they swelled up and got wicked heavy and we could barely wear them!! So we don,t know where they went but we haven't been wearing them Love A+A PS PL2 who had been trying to diet these last weeks is muttering something about how she would kill for a meal like that...

Ivy said...

oh my dogness! i think you are the best dog food critic ever gus. i need to learn from you so that i can get a job like yours and taste test all the meaty burgers. those square meats in breads look pretty yummy to me.

i like your bandana too. i will haf to try the freezer trick if i can get my peepol to help. i wunder ware i can find a yellow bowl?

oh and i told that jennifer lady to take my link off her website. solidarity all the way buddy.

ToFFee said...

I think that bandana is the best! we always have hot weather here in the Middle East.

Can I do that to other bandanas or does it specifically mean that bandana only?

Those burgers looks so enticing..

I'm drooling.. sorry


fee said...

cool bandanna, gussie! but i must say i was a little disappointed when i realised that it was stuffed with these high tech crystals instead of tabasco flavoured sausages...

Agatha and Archie said...

Of Course!! Gussie you are a genius!!! I will stock up with White Castle in my bomb shelter!!!! Love Agatha+Archie(who is looking for his toys)

Daniella said...

I don't think I'd like that bandana, I can't stand wearing anything on my person especially tshirts and Dad's socks!
Burgers...yummy. All I ever get is Mikkie Dees and BK but the parents are trying very hard to watch what they give me 'cos they say I am a fat boy. You are lucky your Mom isn't neurotic about your waistline!!
Dad loves In and Out Burger but they are only on the West Coast not here...he only has the Tshirt to enjoy now. Do you get that there? if you do, please do a product test for me.


Asta said...

it was twemendous fun, but I wish you would have come with me, it would have been even lots funner
smoochie kisses

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Yo Gus!! We just found your blog! You are one handsome dude. Mom says you look just like her first Wire, Sarge. Very cool bandana!! If I wore one, Lacie would probably chomp down on it and take a ride across the yard like she does with my collar. It's so irritating to be dragging a Lakie along when your doing important fox terrier ball obsession fetching. Come and visit us!! Wiry hugs and lakie kisses....Scruffy and Lacie!!

Bogart H. Devil said...

BURGERS!!! Almost as cool at that HOT bandana you've got!

Thanks for the review :)


Frasier said...

Hi Gus,
I did not know those bandannas worked on doggies too!

Asta said...

Hhi Gussie
It's always nice to have the pwoper outfit for an occasion, and your Lei seems just the thing for an outdoor dinner
I agwee the cheese is the bestest pawt of the capwese salad
smoochie kisses

Koobuss said...

Excellent report, Gus!

Those bandana thingies look pretty good. And they seem to work, too. As for the food, we don't have White Castle here, but the bag looks good.

Thanks for giving us such a detailed account of your product reviews.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping in on Devon's blog! Aunt Patty

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

That looks like gweat food and a gweat bandana!

xxx Asta down under

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I think I want to rate some roast pork tropi chop from Pollo Tropical tonite.

Bussie Kissies

Unknown said...

Howdy, Gusmeister! I just LOVE that freezer bandana thang you got - and it looks darn cute on you, too. We desert pooches need all the cooling help we can get, and it sounds like that bandana would be a GREAT help to me on my car rides, do I'd love it if you could tell me where to get one.
Thanks, Buddy!
Sedona Rose (you can write my human female person at nan@sweetremembrance.com)