29 August 2008


Teka here:

Gussie has been a little out of it lately, between the nursies and the Physical Therapy with Mango (minor) and the trips on Aire Ruby, not to mention those pain pills he is taking! Woooooohhhhooooo.
So, he forgot to say thank you to the Whippet Waggle and their human Servant for picking us as the winner of the Ice Cream Cone drawing!

See! It has my favorite colors on it, and because it has ruffles, I have decided that it is MINE!

Gussie won't even know when it arrives, because the Servant is sending it with Sam-I-Am when he comes to pick up Swede William and the Svedish Massage Chair in the Whippet-Waggon.

I figure I can have it shredded and gutted before Gussie even realizes it is here!

Thank you Whippet Servant! Thank you Sam-I-Am! Thank you E.Beth! Thank you Dad! Thank you E.Rabbit! Thank you little people who have helped me get here!

many kisses and waves

Teka T. Dagger

pee.ess -(Ha! Do you know Gussie is soooo out of it that he thinks Swede William is me! He keeps muttering about how nice I have gotten and how much taller I seem since his serjery. Gotta take that boy aside and 'splain a few things to him, ya know. )


Princess Patches said...

We just saw Gussie's "after" pictures! Mom read it all the way through because I, Poppy have to have a lipoma removed from my chest soon. We are sure hoping it looks worse than it really is! You are one brave boy, Gussie and we hope your bootiful curls come back really quick!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

OH MY....I looked up biopsy in my textbook...hmmm....

My eulogy to Rodney...

Tis better to have loved and lost...than...well...

Actually, I never really met him...

OK...I will move on....

(With that, Lacie twirls to watch the hem of her dress spin...giggles and starts to look for a new victim of her attention....)

Love ya Gussie...did ya bring me any spaghetti BBQ???


Stanley said...

Hey, Teka T Dagger!

You are a WEINER... ahem, I mean WINNER! Those whippets sure know how to hold a contest. I love your prizes.

I"m cracking up that Gussie actually thinks Swede William is YOU! Have Swede William offer to curl up and spoon with Gussie... as a sign of your sisterly affection. Then, you have to have Muzzer take a photo.

Or, you could just love on Gussie yourself and give him some more of our healing goob smooches!

Goober love,

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi Gussie,
You're one of my best patients. You didn't refuse the physical therapy and you worked very hard for a great outcome. I'm so proud of you.
Your mom called me Mango minor, I liked it. DWB also has another Mango whom I dare not standing behind him just in case he breaks wind, he's gonna shoot me out of the animal planet.
(Don't be hesitative asking for a bedpan from nursies)


Asta said...

don't be fooled Teka T Daggew is twying to take ovew..stealing toy pwises that should be youws, and twying to fool you into thinking that she is as nice a Sweed William,,hah!!!!
I think I need to weduce you IV meds..you need to come to youw senses
smoochie kisses

Casper and pals said...

Glad you are recovering well!

Joe Stains said...

Teka, congrats but you better be able to move pretty quick once those meds start wearing off!!

Patience-please said...

Teka! No need to steal Gussie's get well cone! Swede William pee mailed us and had the servant include something for YOU!!!

Sammy I Ammy and the parcel should arrive either today or Monday, as he is following a US Mail truck so he doesn't get lost. We hope the Servant doesn't realize the Whippet Wagon is missing!!!!!!!!

wags from the whippets, what's left of us.. everyone is in Mayemphis or on the way

Anonymous said...

Heya Gussie,
How are y'all doing now? We looked through the picture and didn't puke or nothing. We hate to be the one's to break it to ya, but ya need to get over Rodney's demise. He was a parasite and just like a big tick he would've sucked the life outta ya. In a few weeks they'll slide out the tube and then they'll remove all of the staples/stitches and then EVENTUALLY your coat will grow over the scar mark and the little bumps where the tube comes out of you now will also EVENTUALLY flatten out. Then no one will be able to tell that Rodney ever lived with you. Hang strong buddy. Drool's Cool. - TBH

wally said...

Look at that great stuff! You totally deserved it.

wally t.

ps. If you go to the link--Palin is at some sort of weird event with people dressed in furs...and like Vikings? Weird.

Eric said...

Hey Teka,he,he, I think you might be getting to stand in the naughty corner very soon.Watch out for Gus once he comes off the meds...you might be in substantial trouble

Wags, Eric x

Rudy said...

I just saw those "after" pictures. You're one brave boy! Mom says her horse had stitches almost like that on her chest but she didn't have a Rodney, just a bad cut. Take care and heal up soon!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hi Gussie...


Dog meat...the Dale is dogmeat.


Asta said...


I'll come back in any outfit you want..but you have Snickews youw bootiful giwlfwiend, that's why we felt it was OK to wun and cheew Jackson up..I suwe hope you'we feeling bettew..I put up mowe videos..come back and see them..smoochie kisses

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Gussie! By now (it is Sat nite) hope you're up and givin Teka what for! Muzzer told our mom she was even after your drain! For gosh sake! Set her straight when you can Gussie!

Love and Hugs

Sunny & Scooter

Jake of Florida said...

How are you doin pal?

Did the C.A.T.s accompany your guests???
Jake and Just Harry

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Hope you are feeling much,much better, Gussie. I read on the Barklots that you are going to have CATS?!? OOOOOO wow! What will Teka do? What will you do? Could get exciting!
Sunny, Scooter & Jamie

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

ussie, That was an excellent idea you gave us! We shall start a tunnel in honor of being abandond on Labor day! You are so smart!
Feel better!
Are y'all chasing CATS?!?

ps I wish someone could tell me why there is always a little trashcan on my posts. Is it a blogger critique?

Duke said...

Congrats on your ice cream cone drawing win! I guess we missed that one too while we were away! What nice gifts! We'll have to head over to the Whippet's blog to check it out!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

wally said...

Go Golden Gophers! :) I don't think there's anything wrong with a losing football team--in fact my ma ape thinks about college football like sausage. We really don't want to know how it is made. ESPECIALLY the good teams!

wally t.