18 November 2010


This is a photo of Mary Munford

You might wonder what that has to do with Normalcy

Well, our muzzer is back from St. Loulis
And one of the things we did today
was to go for our usual walkies
at a school named after this lady.

It is a nice school in a nice neighborhood
People who are selling their homes will often
list them as "close to Mary Munford"

We like to walk there right around noon.
That way we get to see the kids when they
come out for recess! Sometimes they
bring leftovers. Parts of a sandwich or
some chips or pretzels. Apple cores (my most
favorite, next to cookies) You know...kid stuff.

And some of the kids just don't quite make that hook
Shot into the trash can! Can you imagine that?
Of course, me and Teka are on the alert, and we try to
sneak over and grab the treasure before muzzer sees it!

We are not successful very often. Muzzers are quite vigilant, ya know?

Anyway...the other reason we like this walkie is that
there are lots of trees, and we have found that in Virginia,
where there are lots of trees, then there are lots of sqrrrrrrls.

And today, the sqrrrrrls were out in force. They had been lulled
into a false sense of security because me and Teka had not been there
since muzzer left town last Friday. So those bold sqrrrllls were
having a confab on the grass. We broke that up quickly.

We have convinced muzzer that we must resume daily
walkies at Mary Munford School to protect the boys
and girls from the squrrrrllls!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. I like it when things are nice and normal. That sounds like a Most Wonderful walkie around that school. And the principal should gives you and Teka an award or a medal or something for keeping the little beans safe from squirrels!

Wiggles & Wags,

Bocci said...

We couldn't agree more-you must not rest until you've got theose squirrels under control!

P.S.-That school looks very nice:-)

Remington said...

Sorry -- I kinda like the little squirrels, they make me laugh....maybe you have mean ones where you live....so the little ones need to be safe....I'm just sayin'....

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We don't see many squirrels around here, so we think we need to come and go with you to Mary Munford School to help out.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara