29 March 2006

Planning for my trip and philosophical questions

I have been doing a lot of shopping for my trip. Well, I send muzzer in to the pet store and other places, but the stuff she gets is for me. So far we have collected two packages of chew treats, one package of snack thingys that have a hard coating and a soft middle, and a new pack of my favorite Milk-Bone variety. We have had NO luck finding a spiffy new collar and lead for me though, so last night after dinner muzzer removed my lovely red collar and washed it by hand, along with my matching lead.

Then I had to wait and wait and wait for it to dry. I was apprehensive about this. What if it got smaller and didn't fit? What if the humans forgot where it was and I never saw my identity tags again. Would I cease to exist? If a collar does not jingle, is the dog really there?

I didn't sleep well last night. That means that no one slept well last night. Boy, were they crabby in the morning. But they did remember to get my leash and collar off the hook and put them back on me, so I am considering forgiveness. Not absolution mind you, but a slight thaw.
I've been walking around tossing my head just to hear those lovely jingles!

Muzzer and I made my list for the trip today. Dad looked at it and asked if there was going to be room in the car for him. He said it is almost as bad as travelling with a baby. But hey, I don't need one of those push cart things that little kids ride around in, so maybe he can even take a suitcase or duffel bag or something.

It is almost time for my preprandial perambulation. Tomorrow we will be packing my bags and picking up the house. Human logic eludes me. If we are leaving, why do we pick up the house and clean the bathroom before we go? Oh well, as long as I get to sniff the trash can before it goes out, it's OK with me.

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Anonymous said...

Between the bracchiole and the snacks, it sounds like you've got a pretty sweet set up going on there, Gus.