13 August 2006

Helping Dad

Dad and I were busy working tonight and muzzer was driving us crazy taking pictures. We are very proud of his new desk, which we ordered in Santa Fe and put together one Saturday when muzzer was at work. It took us all day, and we worked really hard, but it was worth it!
See how organized we are? That is Dad's laptop, where he sometimes lets me blog, and all the books he uses for his work. That is also the laptop where we watch the St. Louis Cardinal baseball games, thanks to MLB.com and their service. It is a bit slow, but better than nothing. The Cardinals are my dad's favorite team. Muzzer says that if they had ended up living in the St. Louis area, they would probably have been divorced by now! Pretty good thing for me that they didn't, huh?
In this picture you can just see my new bandage. I think it is smaller than the last one was, and the vet was very pleased with my progress. They took the old one off me in the examining room this time and muzzer turned a bit green. My foot looked a lot better, but she said it smelled like moldy gym socks. I thought that it smelled just fine! Like my other foot, only a little stronger and slightly more piquant. Whooeee!
Teka and I have been romping an playing all day and I am a little weary. I think as soon as I finish here, I will go stake out my spot on the big bed. I have to tell you, it is starting to get crowded in there. Teka is supposed to sleep in her crate, at least that is what E.Beth says. Muzzer would prefer that Teka sleep in her crate too. However, me and dad are real softies, and we bring her into the big bed with us at night. Muzzer is threatening to make us all sleep on Dad's side of the bed, but me and Teka like to sleep right in the middle! Mostly we sleep closer to muzzer, cause she is littler than Dad, and she doesn't snore as much! Maybe we will have to stop crowding her quite so much. Wouldn't want to have us banned from the big bed because muzzer hot flashed once too often!
Guess that is all for tonight! We are helping E.beth pack so she and Teka can move back to their apartment closer to school. I am going to miss Teka, but she will be close enough to come for visits, and I can get back to being an only dog. Muzzer says I am too much of a gentleman and should put Teka in her place, but dad and I are old fashioned gentlemen, so unless Teka takes my kitten that isn't gonna happen.
nighty night


fee said...

halo gus,

glad your paw seems to be getting better.

i'm here to tag you! it's a new game! let's play! come to my blog and see how it's done!

*mischievous wink*

Wired for Mackie said...


You've been TAGGED by Mackie! I was tagged by Fee this morning and now its your turn! To find out what that means, visit my blog.

your pal, Mackie

Wired for Mackie said...


You've been TAGGED by Mackie! i was tagged by Fee this morning and now its your turn! To findout what this means, visit my blog! Its fun!

Your pal, Mackie