09 March 2007


On our walk this morning Teka and I discovered that there is a new wft living in our neighborhood! Unfortunately, Teka made such a fuss that I didn't manage to get introduced, but....he/she has a Westie sib and a Beagle sib! and they just moved in to a house on the corner, where their humans have put up a temporary construction fence so the doggies can play in the yard. Muzzer has promised that she and I will stop some day when we are on our way to work and introduce ourselves properly. I will post pictures as soon as we do that.

Please go and visit my friend Ozzie's blog. He and his mom and his brother Romeo (watch out for this one, Boo!) are going to take part in a big walk to raise money to help fund research and treatments for Doggie Cancer! His address is http://ozzywftny.blogspot.com/ and he has links to take you to their donor page. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. I have agreed to work an extra day at the store this week so muzzer made a contribution for me! Think about this doggy pals; I have a job and an address and business cards, and I still don't have my own American Express Card. They must not know how credit worthy I am, huh?

On the home front, my muzzer has been remiss in editing and posting my blog entries recently because she is heavily involved in getting the house ready to have new flooring installed. Last year while we were living in Virginia one of the people who rented our house did not take good care of their dogs OR our house. So we are putting new stuff on the floors where the carpet has been! I think it is exciting, but Teka is telling me that the house just won't smell the same when they are finished! She will miss the smells, but muzzer won't miss the spots, so muzzer wins this round. (probably only temporarily)

Let's see, covered the new neighbors, covered the Ozzie walk, covered the new carpet and stuff....Oh yeah, happy fourth day of JoeyPalooza to all.


Molly the Airedale said...

It's always fun to welcome new neighbors! I can't wait to see pics!

Love ya lots,

Ivy said...

woo hoo! new neighbordogs are great! i hope they are nice and let you smell their butts without snipping at you.

i hope the new floors arent slickery! peepol like to put in the stupidest stuff for floors.

Joe Stains said...

what kind of floors are you getting? we have this tile and wood stuff and we slide all over the place, it stinks!

thanks for the well wishes, joeypalooza MUST GO ON!